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Membership of the Network is open to non-governmental organisations who wish to endorse our Network call below. Members are actively encouraged to engage with our domestic and international advocacy and research. No joining fee or annual subscription is required, though financial and other relevant contributions are always welcome. For more information on joining the network, please contact us.

Network call

The Toxic Remnants of War Network (TRWN) calls for urgent action to prevent harm to human health and the environment from toxic materials released by military activities.

We call on states and other actors to:

  1. Acknowledge that military practices and materials should not be exempted from standards and norms established to protect human and environmental health. 
  2. Review policies and practices so as to minimise toxic remnants of war.
  3. Commit to rigorously assess and remedy environmental harm resulting from military activities, and strengthen obligations governing cooperation and assistance.
  4. Improve legal protection for civilians, military personnel and the environment from toxic remnants of war.


The Network warmly welcomes collaboration with experts and individuals in relevant fields, be it public health, environmental assessment, monitoring or remediation or environmental law. If you have skills or expertise that you are willing to share with the campaign, please contact us.